GoPed ESR750 Hoverboard Review

Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Electric Kick Scooter Review
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Rear Fender Kickstand Motor Heat Fins
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Undercarriage Rear Suspension Link
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Folding Handle Bars
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Trigger Throttle Led Display
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Back View Grip Tape Deck
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Chain Drive Electric Motor
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Wooden Deck Mad Dog Disc Brake Rotor
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Front Suspension And Fender
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Front View
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Electric Kick Scooter Review
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Rear Fender Kickstand Motor Heat Fins
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Undercarriage Rear Suspension Link
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Folding Handle Bars
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Trigger Throttle Led Display
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Back View Grip Tape Deck
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Chain Drive Electric Motor
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Wooden Deck Mad Dog Disc Brake Rotor
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Front Suspension And Fender
Goped Esr750 Hoverboard Front View


  • One of the largest, most powerful and comfortable electric kick scooters I've tested... Offers front and rear suspension with about three inches of travel, large pneumatic tires that span cracks and absorb bumps
  • Extra wide wooden deck provides ample space for people with big feet, optional locking cuff secures the stem to reduce rattling, front and rear fenders protect against water and mud splashing up
  • Single heavy duty mechanical disc brake on the front wheel provides good stopping power (optional rear disc brake), actuates consistently and smoothly, upgradeable battery for extended range, power and reduced weight, GoPed is hand made in the USA
  • Basic three-LED display doesn't show your speed, precise battery charge capacity or odometer, chain driven motor produces more noise than gearless hubs and does not freewheel so coasting isn't super efficient, heavier build starting at ~65 lbs and going up

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ESR750 Hoverboard


$1,529 (Optional Custom Color $1,574)

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Commuting

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
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90 Day Comprehensive, 2 Year Frame and Fork


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

64.5 lbs (29.25 kg) (31 lbs for Larger 16 ah Battery Option)

Battery Weight:

21.6 lbs (9.79 kg)

Motor Weight:

6 lbs (2.72 kg)

Frame Types:


Frame Material:

4130 Chromoly Steel

Frame Colors:

Gloss Black, Custom Colors for ~$40

Geometry Measurements:

44" Height, 14.5" Width, 34" Length, 4" Ground Clearance, 16.5" Deck Length, 11" Deck Width

Frame Fork Details:

2.7" Elastomer Suspension, Chromoly Steel Post, 3/8" Axle

Frame Rear Details:

Adjustable 3.5" Elastomer Suspension, 7/16" Axle

Gearing Details:

1 Single Speed


Folding, Fixed Height, 6061 Aluminum Alloy


Flat, 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Brake Details:

Mad Dog Mechanical Disc Brake on Front with Anti-Dive, 130 mm Rotor, Mad Dog Caliper, Brake Lever on Left


Flat Rubber, Black


ABS Plastic, Split Rim

Tire Brand:

Kenda, 200 x 50

Wheel Sizes:

8 in (20.32cm)

Tire Details:

50 PSI

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Plastic Fenders, Reflective Wire Wrap on Stem, Carry Strap, Optional Alternative Grips, Optional Alternative Billet Parts, Optional Carry Bag $50, Motor Upgrade to Torkinator by Torkmotion $549, Optional Rear Disc Brake $125, Optional Seat with Basket $100


ESR Programmable Electronics, Onboard Charger and 3 Amp Offboard Charger for Reconditioning Battery, Billet Milled 6061 Aluminum Lower and Upper Hinge, Birch Wood Platform with Weather Coating and Grip Tape, Maximum Recommended Weight for SLA Version: 250 lbs Maximum Recommended Weight for Lithium Version: 350 lbs, Model ESR750H

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Gearless Motor (Canister Style, Brushed, Chain Drive)
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Motor Nominal Output:

750 watts

Motor Peak Output:

1000 watts

Battery Voltage:

25.9 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

8 ah (Optional 16 ah)

Battery Watt Hours:

207.2 wh (Optional 414.4 wh)

Battery Chemistry:

Sealed Led Acid (SLA) (Optional Lithium-ion, Optional Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePo4)

Charge Time:

4 hours (6 Hour for Larger Battery)

Estimated Min Range:

7 miles (11 km)

Estimated Max Range:

20 miles (32 km)

Display Type:

Fixed LED Console


Battery Level (Green, Yellow, Red)

Display Accessories:

Power Level Toggle Switch (Eco/Turbo), Flux-CapacitorĀ® Trigger Throttle

Drive Mode:

Trigger Throttle

Top Speed:

18 mph (29 kph) (Up to 20 mph With Custom Gearing)

Written Review

Based on the award winning gas powered GoPed ESR750EX, the ES7R750H is an electric kick scooter with massive power, front and rear suspension with three inches of travel and six inch inflated tires. It’s off-road capable and one of the few kick scooters with a large, wide deck that works with feet inline or side to side… even if you have big feet. For this review I got some help from Sam who weighs ~260 lbs and we were using the base model with four sealed Lead Acid batteries. This is the most affordable model but it also weighs more and won’t get the same range that the Lithium-ion versions might. Expect 65+ pounds for the scooter, which has a built in charging block so you only need to carry a cable, and something like 7 to 15 miles depending on your weight and the terrain.

There’s a lot to love about this scooter… it’s big, sturdy, powerful and well made. GoPed has been producing gas powered scooters in America since 1986 when it introduced the Roadster and then Sport models. Those were messier and louder than today’s gas powered scooters but the ultimate clean/quiet experience comes with electric. That said, there are other quieter e-scooters out there, most of which use gearless hub motors vs. the chain drive and canister seen on the ESR750. It works well under power but coasting is limited because the wheel doesn’t freewheel so the drag of the chain and cogging from the motor translate to drag. It’s not the kind of scooter you’d want to kick around without power ;)

One of my favorite parts about this and other GoPed scooters is that the company offers an extensive range of replacement parts and even some upgrades. You can add a seat if you don’t like standing, change to gearing to emphasize torque vs. speed, install a rear brake for improved stopping power… That’s one area I was surprised about on the scooter actually, it comes with an awesome mechanical disc brake on the front wheel but nothing at the rear, no friction brake, no linear pull brake. In practice it worked fine and seemed to stop Sam and I fairly well but given the heavier build and potential for off-road use with unstable loose terrain I might consider a rear brake. The display unit they chose is also a bit limited… you get three colored LED lights indicating charge level and that’s it. No speed or distance readouts and no other fancy electronics like lights or USB chargers. There are two drive modes (Eco and Turbo) which helps control speed and power use and even Eco felt pretty zippy to me. The trigger throttle is intuitive and offers variable speed output so you can easily navigate crowded areas at slower speeds.

To me the ESR750 is more of a mini vehicle than a kick scooter. The clearance is great and the full suspension offers something very capable and different. Because the air tires can get leaks or go flat completely you might want to order an extra inner tube or two to carry around or store at home, otherwise it seems very sturdy and built to last. For $40 extra you can order a custom color but even the stock black and red frames take six to eight weeks to produce and ship from Goped. A handful of shops carry these so you might find one in-store to buy more quickly. Keep this lead time in mind if you’re planning to use this at Burning Man… If you’re a larger rider like Sam or someone with a preference for comfort like me then this could be an awesome electric scooter to go with. It’s awesome to think how long the company has been in business, they are very authentic and provide good support. There’s an entire community built around the scooter and I could tell how excited Sam was when doing the review.


  • Hand made in Mindin Nevada USA including the battery packing, there’s a fun video from “How it’s Made” showing the process
  • Large tires and a special Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension (C.I.D.L.I.) improves comfort while riding, makes it off-road capable and makes small jumps possible (as demonstrated by Sam in the video)
  • Several configurations and price points starting with the standard ESR750H with Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries then going to the ESR750H 16 which uses two Lithium battery packs, the ESR750H 24 which uses three Lithium battery packs, and the ESR750H 32 which uses four Lithium battery packs for maximum range
  • The deck is pretty long and wide, you can put your feet side by side like you’re skiing if you prefer that to the sideways “skate/surf” stance as shown in the video ride test
  • In the event of an accident, the handlebar stem hing is designed to break and the bolt inside will bend so you don’t get impaled by the bars
  • Powder coated frame comes in black or red, optional custom colors available for $40, I love the reflective wire wrap up on the stem for improved safety because this thing doesn’t have lights built in
  • One of the few electric kick scooters that is truly off-road capable, could be fun to ride around events like Burning man given the large tires, suspension and torque that this thing offers, you can change the gearing to optimize speed/torque
  • If you opt for the Lithium-ion battery (which is lighter and offers longer range) the deck can be dropped down about an inch because it’s not as large, this might improve stability when riding as it lowers your center of gravity… but I still like that you can get Sealed Lead Acid batteries on this thing to save money if you don’t need the range etc.
  • Almost entirely made in America (many parts are custom CNC made), GoPed offers a solid 90 day comprehensive warranty with two years of coverage on the frame
  • Two speed/power settings with Economy and Turbo, this can help you extend range and control the scooter more easily, I like that the throttle offers variable speed/power output as well so you can ride slow through crowds when needed
  • GoPed sells lots of accessories and replacement parts so if your throttle, display, chain, fenders or other bits break you can keep this thing going without having to buy a brand new one, I like that it’s fixable like this
  • Built-in power supply means that you only need a cable to charge it, this keeps weight low and secure in the scooter vs. hauling a charger around in your backpack
  • Polyurethane rods are used in the suspension design offers ~3″ of travel in the front while the rear offers ~3.5″ (apparently they are not adjustable like the ones on the gas scooter)


  • Six to eight week lead time to get one of these GoPeds… unless you find a shop that carries them in house like Sam at the Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA, other shops include Carroll Stream Motor Company, Gomeyer, Black Beard Power Sports, Falcon PEV in Singapore, Jetfun in France, Line 1 in the UK, Chiqui Cars in Mexico
  • This thing is loud (especially in Turbo mode) and because it uses a chain and does not freewheel, there’s a lot of drag when coasting, it wouldn’t be efficient to ride without power
  • The front end (stem and handlebar) can feel jittery because the folding section at the base doesn’t lock tight, you can get an aftermarket collar to tighten this down if you’d like but then you need an allen key to loosen again when folding


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7 years ago

The website gives a 10 wks time for delivery. I’m at 12 wks + still no update. I think you should post concern about build + shipping delays. I’m still hopeful but this is concerning.

Court Rye
7 years ago

That’s a bummer… and they haven’t reached out? Maybe it’s time to call them and make sure the order details were right, like no miscommunications happened? I have heard great things about GoPed but never ordered from them myself, hopefully this is a limited issue, please share an update after you speak with them!


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