Govecs GO! T2.4+ Review

Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Electric Scooter Review
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Ac Canister Motor Belt Drive
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Rear Mono Suspension Belt Drive
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Cockpit Display Mirrors
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Monochrome Display Blue Backlight
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Adjustable Headlight
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Hydraulic Disc Brake Rotor
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Keyed Ignition Bag Clip
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Kickstand Front Suspension
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Locking Seat Storage Compartment
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus 72 Volt 40 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Rear Rack 400 Pound Limit
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Seat Storage Cover In Up Position
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Electric Scooter Review
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Ac Canister Motor Belt Drive
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Rear Mono Suspension Belt Drive
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Cockpit Display Mirrors
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Monochrome Display Blue Backlight
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Adjustable Headlight
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Hydraulic Disc Brake Rotor
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Keyed Ignition Bag Clip
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Kickstand Front Suspension
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Locking Seat Storage Compartment
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus 72 Volt 40 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Rear Rack 400 Pound Limit
Govecs Go T2 4 Plus Seat Storage Cover In Up Position


  • A light weight ~265 lb electric moped with sturdy transport platform (capable of 400 lb loads) including 70 Amp electrical outlet (for use on heating or refrigeration units)
  • Premium German design, manufactured in Poland, uses high quality Lithium-ion cells and includes a solid two year warranty
  • Neat 20 Amp plug below the display panel for powering a heated jacket or portable electronic devices on the go
  • The kickstand can be difficult to reach at times, top speed on the standard T2.4 is only 25 mph but the plus goes ~38, replacement battery is very expensive ~$3,500

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GO! T2.4+



Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Commuting, Cargo

Electric Bike Class:

Moped or Motorcycle (Class 4)
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Two Years, Parts + Labor, Unlimited Miles


United States, Europe

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

254 lbs (115.21 kg)

Battery Weight:

60 lbs (27.21 kg)

Motor Weight:

17 lbs (7.71 kg)

Frame Types:


Frame Material:

Steel S235 JR

Frame Colors:

White, Silver

Geometry Measurements:

Wheelbase: 51 in, Seat Height 31 in

Frame Fork Details:

Hydraulic Telescoping Suspension Fork Fork

Frame Rear Details:

Mono Suspension

Attachment Points:

Integrated Luggage Rack (400 lb Max Weight) with 20 Amp Accessory Plug, Luggage Hook



Brake Details:

Hydraulic Disc




Weather Resistant Vinyl with GOVECS Stitching and Piping


Aluminum AA380

Tire Brand:

Saua, 130/60-R13

Wheel Sizes:

13 in (33.02cm)

Tube Details:

Tubeless, Schrader Valve


72 Volt On-Board Charger, 20 Amp Accessory Outlet, Optional Windshield (Small or Medium), Adjustable Side Mirrors, 70 Amp Power Outlet for Cargo Box, Optional Racks and Seats, 10 Foot Power Cord Works with 120 Volt and 240 Volt


PVC Synthetic Leather Saddle with Polyurethane Foam, Polypropylene Body

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Gearless Motor (Brushless, PMAC with Belt Drive)
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Motor Nominal Output:

1790 watts

Motor Peak Output:

4030 watts

Motor Brand:

Parker Hannifin

Motor Torque:

54 Newton meters

Battery Voltage:

72 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

40 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

2880 wh

Battery Brand:

Go-Tech Energy

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Nickel Cobalt Dioxide Carbon

Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

40 miles (64 km)

Estimated Max Range:

60 miles (97 km)

Display Type:

Fixed Monochrome with Blue Backlighting


Speedometer, Odometer, Trip Meter, Charge Level, Turn Signals, Low Charge Warning, Clock

Display Accessories:

Brights, Turn Signals, Horn, Economy Mode

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle

Top Speed:

38 mph (61 kph) (Standard Model Goes ~25 mph)

Written Review

Govecs is a German scooter designer that produces several models of light electric transports like the GO! T2.4+. What really separates this models from the rest of the pack is the transport bed, that’s what the T stands for in the name! This thing can carry up to 400 pounds on that rack which is very impressive considering that the bike itself only weighs ~250 lbs. Not only is there a flat sturdy bed for mounting boxes, bins or insulated containers there’s also an electrical connection port for running 70 Amps so you can keep an oven hot or a fridge cold. Compared with petroleum powered scooters and cars which might require an extra battery or generator to run add-on systems, the Govecs GO! T2.4+ is much simpler and that translates into reliability. Everything on this bike runs off of the main battery pack (which is mounted low and center beneath the seat and deck) and apart from the motor, lights, display panel and this rear rack option there’s also a 20 Amp outlet at the front for use with portable electronics or warming devices (such as a heated blanket or coat). In case you’re not interested in the rear rack layout shown in the video review and photos here, Govecs also produces a standard GO! S2.4 and S2.4+ which offer an extended seating area (usable for a second rider). I suppose that means you could carry a 400 pound friend along with you?

Driving this electric scooter is an impressive 4,000 watt canister style motor. It’s mounted just below the saddle and is actually positioned on the swing arm which increases unsprung weight… slightly. The motor is surprisingly small in appearance and it runs very quietly. I found that acceleration was good and the top speed of 38 mph (on the plus version) was perfect for around town riding. If you want to extend the range, there’s an economy mode switch near the left grip that slows acceleration and limits top speed. Unlike many cars and motorcycles, there are not gears to choose from with this bike. The motor spins at a wide range of rotations per minute (RPM’s) and this enables you to simply twist the throttle further to go faster. It’s about as simple as you can get and the motor actually spins at a higher RPM than the rear wheel where there’s a large cog that steps down the speed into power. Compared with the S2.4 this model has a larger cog and that equates to increased pulling and climbing ability for the extra cargo weight… so my joke about carrying your extremely large friend early would not be advisable. Some motorcycles use chains but many are switching to kevlar belts and that’s what is used here as well. The belt is quiet, tight and light weight. It doesn’t require grease or nearly as much servicing as a chain and that’s a good thing! Just keep an eye on it and go for a tuneup and tightening or replacement every 10k miles.

One of the most expensive, high quality parts on this electric moped is the battery pack. It’s made with Lithium-ion cells and offers 72 volts of power and 40 amp hours of capacity. It should get you somewhere between 40 and 60 miles per charge (depending on your load and average speed… and acceleration habits). The battery is long lasting and light weight compared to Sealed Lead Acid but that also raises the price, significantly. At ~$5,700 for this bike brand new, a replacement pack costs ~$3,500 which is over 60% of the cost of a brand new scooter. Thankfully, there’s a great warranty offering two years of comprehensive coverage and even when the pack begins to age it will still get a percentage of the original charge which could be enough for daily riding habits. The built in charging cable makes this bike easy to plugin almost anywhere. It’s about 10 feet long and was modified to work with US electrical sockets on the bike I tried. It’s compatible with 120 and 240 volt outlets for quicker charging when available. All things considered, for me the battery is worth the extra money primarily because it keeps the bike so much lighter than cheaper competing products. This thing is easy to stand over and maneuver and that makes it feel safer.

Activating the T2.4+ is just like most of the other Govecs, you charge the battery and insert the key into the ignition then switch the bike on using a red slider near the right grip. Once this is done, the LCD display readout comes to life and fills in with a circular dial indicating speed as well as a numeric speed readout, there’s an odometer and battery charge level graphic here as well. All of this looks good in grayscale but for night riding there is also a blue backlight that engages when you switch the lights on. Two rubberized buttons adorn the right section of the display housing and allow you to change readouts to trip meter from odometer. Near the left grip there’s a switch to change from normal lights into bright mode, a yellow horn button and gray turn signal slider in the middle (with a small gray button to clear signals just above). One area I think this cockpit could be improved is with audial chirps. As it stands, when you activate the turn signal there is a faint flashing icon just above the main display but this is difficult to see in bright sunlight. I feel like it would be easier to notice and not require the rider to glance down if there was a pleasant chime that activated when signals were engaged. Other lighted readouts around the display are brights indicator and battery level “running low” indicator.

In my opinion, these Govecs scooters are well built and comfortable to ride but my experience with this kind of thing is admittedly limited at the time of this review. I was in fact learning to ride motorcycles and earning my Class M license when I came into contact with this unit. This isn’t the kind of product you can find and buy easily in the US right now, I found it at Electric Avenue in Austin Texas but they will ship units for $300 to $700 to most places in the US. The benefits of something like this compared with a motorcycle include lighter weight, less maintenance, much quieter to ride and less expensive to fuel. The downsides are quickness to refuel (taking hours vs. minutes with petrol) and limited top speed. For someone who needs an “around town” vehicle and is excited about the benefits of EV’s this could be a fantastic option. It comes in the transport or standard style described above and is available in white or silver for the transport. I dug deep to find cons on this scooter because everything seemed to work well, the only issues were more like “areas for improvement” and considering that several models are being used for training in courses, the batteries seem to be doing well and they hold up pretty well to drops and low speed accidents. I do feel like the mirrors could be made larger, especially for those moments when there is a large cargo box installed on the back, they just didn’t feel as comfortable as the ones I tried with the E-Max 120S. I’ve become a fan of Govecs and could see myself enjoying the utility that something like this would offer beyond just transporting myself :)


  • Extremely versatile, while this scooter does come in two flavors (one two-passenger setup and this cargo style) I was really impressed with the accessory options and the 70 Amp power option for the rear rack, this would make a great cargo scooter or food delivery transport
  • The cockpit is simple and clean, it’s easy to turn the bike on and use the variable speed throttle compared with a gas motorcycle, there’s no clutch to activate here
  • I like the locking cargo area below the seat, it uses the same key that starts the bike and there’s plenty of room inside for personal items, this is also where the power cable stows keeping it safe and dry
  • High quality design here, German engineered and manufactured in Poland, Govecs evolved from another company called E-Max that used Chinese manufacturing and started to have some drops in quality towards the end as they were merged into Vmoto
  • Two drive modes help you manage power use and extend range, if you opt for economy mode it limits your top speed and this is a great feature for people who are using the bikes to train for their motorcycle license
  • There are two versions of this bike, the Plus model can hit top speeds of 38 mph while the standard will only go up to 25 mph making it more of a slow, neighborhood vehicle
  • Efficient design with a single-side suspension unit at the rear to support the swing arm, this makes servicing the wheel and replacing tires easier because you don’t have to deal with two struts
  • It held up well in wet conditions including heavy rain, the fenders keep splashing to a minimum and the large deck feels comfortable for people with large feet (I wear Men’s size 9.5 shoes), I also like the luggage clip
  • Very cool looking headlight, solid side indicator lights, the seat texture is cool and it feels comfortable to ride on (but gets a little hot if left in direct sunlight)


  • The bike I tested didn’t seem to have a signal chime built in, there was a dull flashing light letting you know that you had activated your turn signals but it was easy to miss and forget
  • I’ve seen other electric mopeds and scooters with hub motors that require a bit less maintenance than something like this, the belt drive is nice but will require checkups and tightening every ~10,000 miles
  • The kickstand can be difficult to reach at times, I found myself stowing it before standing over the bike but this can create more drop opportunities, the stand is also difficult to deploy and I had to kind of lean over while sitting to see it (or hop off to kick it down)
  • Expensive ~$3,500 replacement batteries, since this electric scooter uses light weight Lithium-ion technology it just costs more than something like Lead Acid, try to store the bike in cool dry places and avoid extreme cold and heat to help the original battery last longer
  • I feel like the mirrors are a bit small, they worked alright but weren’t as reassuring for me as some larger ones I’ve tested on other bikes, they weren’t as easy to adjust as once that were recessed in plastic but these might be lighter weight and more aerodynamic


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