I-MAX S1+ Electric Kick Scooter Review

I Max S1 Plus Electric Kick Scooter Review
I Max S1 Electric Scooter
I Max S1 Plus 500 Watt Gearless Hub Motor
I Max S1 Plus Folded Side View
I Max S1 Plus Folding Handlebar
I Max S1 Plus Brake Lever Rubber Edge Integrated Bell
I Max S1 Plus Backlit Lcd Display And Trigger Throttle
I Max S1 Plus Top View Folded
I Max S1 Plus Rear 2 Led Brake Light
I Max S1 Plus Green Composite Deck Kickstand
I Max S1 Plus Cast Alloy Rims 10 Inch Tires
I Max S1 Plus 140 Mm Mechanical Disc Brake
I Max S1 Front
I Max S1 Plus Electric Kick Scooter Review
I Max S1 Electric Scooter
I Max S1 Plus 500 Watt Gearless Hub Motor
I Max S1 Plus Folded Side View
I Max S1 Plus Folding Handlebar
I Max S1 Plus Brake Lever Rubber Edge Integrated Bell
I Max S1 Plus Backlit Lcd Display And Trigger Throttle
I Max S1 Plus Top View Folded
I Max S1 Plus Rear 2 Led Brake Light
I Max S1 Plus Green Composite Deck Kickstand
I Max S1 Plus Cast Alloy Rims 10 Inch Tires
I Max S1 Plus 140 Mm Mechanical Disc Brake
I Max S1 Front


  • A sturdy, comfortable electric kick scooter with a larger battery and more powerful motor than most others
  • Wide solid deck accommodates larger feet, the handle bar is long and feels steady to steer with, integrated plastic fenders keep you dry
  • Rear brake light activates whenever the brake is pulled, mechanical disc brake offers smooth and easy stopping power but will skid if you lock it up
  • This is one of the heavier, more expensive electric kick scooters due to the 500 watt motor and 48 volt battery pack (in the USA), the European version is rated at 250 watts and is just the S1 vs. S1+

Video Review





S1+ Electric Kick Scooter


$1,299 (Optional Deck Upgrade for $39)

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Commuting, Urban, Neighborhood

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Comprehensive


United States, Europe, China, Singapore, North Korea

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

39.5 lbs (17.91 kg)

Frame Types:


Frame Material:

Aluminum Alloy

Frame Colors:

Black Frame with Green or Blue Composite Deck, Optional Natural Wood Deck

Geometry Measurements:

Folded: 40.5” Length, 15.5” Height, 7.5” Width, Unfolded: 45.5” Long, 36" to 45" High, 21.5” Wide, 6" Deck Height, 4.5" Ground Clearance

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid Aluminum


Telescoping Adjustable Height with Quick Release Collar


21.5" Flat, Folding

Brake Details:

Mechanical Disc in Rear with 140 mm Rotor, Lever on Left with Motor Inhibitor, Brake Light Activator, Rubber Edge and Integrated Bell


Rubber, Ergonomic


Cast Alloy

Tire Brand:

Chao Yang, 10" x 2"

Wheel Sizes:

10 in (25.4cm)

Tire Details:

Air Filled, 36 PSI

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Front and Rear Fenders, Integrated LED Tail Light, Single Side Kickstand on Left at Rear, Tube Replacements $15, Tire Replacements $25


2 Amp 1.4 lb Charger, Must Hit ~2 mph for Motor to Activate, USB Charging Port on Back of Display, 52 lb Gross Shipping Weight with Carton

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Motor Peak Output:

750 watts

Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

10 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

480 wh

Battery Brand:


Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Nickel Cobalt Magnesium (LiNCM)

Charge Time:

5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

15 miles (24 km)

Estimated Max Range:

25 miles (40 km)

Display Type:

Fixed, Monochrome, Backlit LCD


Battery Level Indicator (5 Bars), Speed (mph, kph), Power Level (1-5), Odometer

Display Accessories:

USB Charging Port on Back of Display

Drive Mode:

Trigger Throttle

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

Written Review

I’m told that the I-MAX S1 comes in two configurations… the standard S1 with a 250 watt motor and 15.5 mph top speed (to comply with European law) and the S1+ reviewed here which delivers a 500 watt motor and can reach 20 mph for the USA. The added power output of the motor combined with an impressive 48 volt 10 amp hour battery makes for an electric kick scooter that’s on par with a lot of full sized electric bicycles! For the video review I got some help from Sam Townsend of the Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA and had him ride it around on video. Sam is a ~260 lb (118 kg) guy and while we didn’t have a hill to shoot on the scooter had no trouble zipping him up to speed. It’s powerful but near silent because the motor is a gearless direct drive design. You don’t get the same light weight, compact free-wheeling performance as a geared hub but gearless designs tend to be tougher because it’s just magnets repelling electromagnets inside. One downside is a bit of cogging (drag when coasting unpowered) so I would definitely avoid running out of juice with this thing because you’ll be fighting the motor and pushing ~40 lbs with each kick. It’s one of the heaviest electric kick scooters I’ve tested to date.

The higher price point reflects the quality of the S1 and it did ride nicely. It’s one of the quietest electric scooters I’ve ridden on, even across very bumpy street terrain with potholes. The scooter feels solid with a variable-height stem using a quick release clamp like a lot of bicycles have on their seat tubes. Just make sure to tighten this thing down so the bars don’t drop unexpectedly when braking. The actual handle bars fold out nicely and use metal parts that feel solid. They are fairly long and don’t rattle a lot but I wish the sliding cuffs that lock them into place were spring loaded and moved more freely. I guess that’s the trade off for not rattling… I had a bit of trouble with the left cuff during my pre-review folding/unfolding tests. Because the IMAX S1 uses pneumatic air-filled tires with plush a 10″ x 2″ size, it rides comfortably even without suspension and this also contributes to the quiet operation. I’m a fan of this design because there are fewer moving parts and the air cushion is more comfortable than most of the short-travel springs on competing products with solid tires. Of course, the trade off is potential for flats… I recommend buying a tube or two extra just in case you get a flat because the size is unique and I haven’t seen them being sold at Walmart, Target or even most specialty bike shops. Sounds like each tube is $15 so that’s reasonable and you could consider adding some Slime to slow leaks if you have a long commute and carry a mini-pump along.

Other things I liked about the S1 were the steady disc brake with enlarged 140 mm rotor and the brake-activated LED back light. I’d love to see a headlight as well but love the integrated USB port on the back of the display because you could charge your portable electronics or charge a bar mounted headlight. By mounting the light higher up you’ll be more visible anyway and can get something like this that’s much brighter than most integrated lights I’ve seen but still easy to mount or take off. Consider a backpack light or helmet light as well… Sorry to put so much emphasis on safety, the higher speed, lower body position and limited visual footprint of electric kick scooters always gets me going. So I like the ergonomic grips and the extra large deck (I could put both feet side by side facing forward without an issue on this thing). One downside of the deck and fenders is that I struggled to put both feet inline on the deck and found myself resting my rear foot on the back fender which isn’t very solid. It would bend and rub on the rear wheel a bit creating a buzzing noise whereas some other designs are more solid and act as a foot rest. All things considered. The S1+ delivers power, speed and range (though I didn’t test it to capacity). You can get the best range by accelerating slowly and using one of the lower power levels (there are five total). This is a kick-scooter that requires you to push off and get going ~2 mph before the throttle will even activate so that alone reduces the drain on the pack but isn’t as satisfying or easy to do if you’re loaded up with a back pack or facing a hill. In my opinion, even though it is “powerful” relative to competing products, it’s still not going to haul you up a steep hill, especially if you weigh a lot. Don’t let the 500 to 750 watt rating convince you that it’s unstoppable because that’s just not true. It’s still best to get some speed going into hills and avoid the really steep stuff. In those cases, at least you can fold it up quick and drag it along using the front wheel like a handle much like the Glion Dolly but not quite as fancy.


  • I like that when it’s all folded up the unit is stable (won’t tip side to side as easily) and the bars get really compact
  • There’s a bright tail light that activates when you brake or if you press the power button while the scooter is on, the light is red, runs off the main battery and uses two bright LED units
  • The mechanical disc brake is easy to use and stops well with a large 140 mm rotor (braking feels smooth and progressive vs. on/off), I love that the brake lever itself has a rubberized edge for comfort and an integrated bell to signal with
  • On the back side of the display panel there’s a standard sized USB port so you can charge portable electronic devices or a headlight
  • This scooter is available all over the world and comes in two variations to adhere to local power and speed limits (15.5 mph European and 20 mph USA)
  • The standard plastic deck comes in two stock colors (blue or green) and is upgradeable, for an extra $39 you can ditch the plastic and upgrade to natural wood
  • The back end of the scooter looks professional with the plastic from the fender extending to surround the axle mounting point, it helps to protect the power cable going to the hub motor if the scooter tips
  • Given the inflatable 10″ x 2″ tires on this thing, little cracks and rough streets don’t feel as jarring, I like the ergonomic grips and feel that it is quiet and smooth compared to some other offerings
  • The charger is compact and light weight so you can easily toss it into a backpack and bring it along to top off at work, the plug end is metal so it won’t get cracked or broke as easily as plastic
  • The handle bar is long and stable, it feels more comfortable and solid than some of the more compact electric kick scooters and that’s important for higher speeds and more power


  • One of the heavier electric kick scooters I’ve reviewed weighing in at just under 40 pounds (18 kg)
  • Folding the bars took a bit more effort as the metal slider cuffs that lock them in are not spring loaded so you have to push (and the left one was a bit sticky for me), careful not to pinch your fingers
  • While the main folding mechanism at the base of the stem works well, I feel like it could be easier to get confused with and possibly break… you have to push the bars and stem forward before pushing down on the latch (if you try to force it the latch may bend or break)
  • Given the gearless direct drive nature of the hub motor used for the rear wheel there is some cogging drag (rare Earth magnets inside repelling the electromagnetic stater when not in use) which could make unpowered scooting less efficient
  • While the inflatable tires are smooth and quiet, they are more prone to getting flats… I-Max offers replacement tubes for $15 each but putting them on probably isn’t much fun, consider using some Slime and carrying a mini pump if you commute long distances and don’t want to end up walking
  • The rear fender is somewhat flexible so I wasn’t able to put my foot on it while riding without compressing it into the tire and creating drag and buzzing noises
  • Make sure the stem clamp is tight because there aren’t any locking pins and the handle bars can slide down if they are loose


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Comments (21) YouTube Comments

7 years ago

First thank you for your excellent work with the rewiews. I want to ask you witch is the best electric scooter in your opinion. I know it’s so relative and it depens for the usefull but in general? And do you how can I buy Imax s1 in Europe? Thank you so much man!

Court Rye
7 years ago

Hi Adria! I really enjoyed the S1+ but also the Momas, the larger wheels make them more comfortable for longer rides. The Momas is more affordable but you get a larger battery and a bit more power with the S1+. I believe I-MAX sells internationally? Check their website here and contact them for more information on the best dealer or international online orders :)

7 years ago

Hello, good review. Additionaly I will inform all readers of your webside that there is a similar product under a different brand (name). As far as I could see the I-Max S1(+) and the Egret Ten are exact the same products. Altought the Patgear offers a different deck color and is a bit more expensive. At ADRIA the egret Ten is available in Europe here.

Court Rye
7 years ago

Cool, thanks for the heads up! You’re correct, it does look very similar :)

7 years ago

Hi there! Love your reviews and thanks for the review of the S1+, I am debating this versus the Momas right now.

One point that you mention in this review and in the video about the extra tubes. Where do you get these tubes online? You mentioned they are $15 but I can’t find any on Magnum’s web site. I am really close to ordering the S1+ but I definitely would like to have some extra tubes ready to go. Thanks!

Court Rye
7 years ago

Howdy, sorry for the late reply here… I’m not sure how to get them direct but Sam carries them at his shop… maybe reach out and ask him, he also sells both scooters and might throw a tube in for free if you get them there. You can reach him at (714) 992-5591

7 years ago

The I-Max s1 does seem to be a rebranded for the US version of the Egret Ten as Hyper777 mentions. More usefully they also offer extensive accessories and spare parts.

Court Rye
7 years ago

Awesome, thanks for the link Ivar! The way I understand it, most ebikes and other light electric transport products are built in Asia but sometimes custom designed in the US, Germany or elsewhere. Eventually, the product ends up in multiple markets (much to the chagrin of the people who tried to create something unique). It’s not always the case that design originates elsewhere but when it does, the multi-brand multi-market situation can be frustrating. I wonder what the case is here with the I-MAX S1?

Jay Park
7 years ago

Hello! Great Review! I just have a one question. Is this S1+ the most advanced and best one out there? or is there any better one? in terms of battery size, speed, weight, distance. Thank you!

Court Rye
7 years ago

It’s one of the nicer, more powerful scooters I have seen so far but there are lots of others that I just haven’t reviewed, some from smaller companies that just aren’t available in the US yet. I’ll keep reviewing though and in the mean time you could ask around in the forums here.

7 years ago

I’ve had the I-Max S1 for about two weeks now, and absolutely love it. I think it’s the best scooter on the market at any price range. I bought it as a replacement for my Ecoreco M5 (the vertical bar housing the handlebar snapped off!). Some specific highlights:

  • Build quality: A+. Materials are top-notch and solid.
  • Comfort: A+. The large air-filled tires make a huge difference. It’s also much, much safer than the solid tires, as you can stop on a dime when necessary. With the Ecoreco, if you’re going full speed and need to stop quickly, you can’t — you will end up skidding/sliding.
  • Brakes: A. I love the mechanical disk brake. Much smoother than the Ecoreco brake. Personally, I would never purchase a scooter with regenerative brakes like the USCooter/ETWOW, as it’s way too unpredictable. I wish it had front brakes though.
  • Power: A. Much more power than the Ecoreco. It’s faster on flat ground, and even faster going up hills. I’m about 200 lbs, and I fly up relatively steep hills doing 16 mph on the I-Max.
  • Distance: B. It’s about the same as the Ecoreco, which, for me, is about 10 miles on a full charge on NYC streets.

Thanks for the great work on the reviews — I wouldn’t have discovered this amazing product otherwise!

Court Rye
7 years ago

Great feedback! Thanks for adding your thoughts and experiences with each of these scooters. I agree that the ride quality and performance of the I-Max S1+ is quite good :)

Jimmy G
7 years ago

Hey! Do you know what the travel restrictions are, if any, for transporting an electric scooter on airlines? Can you check it just like a standard checked bag? Additional fees? Is it even allowed at all? Also, out of all the scooters you’ve tested and recommend, which one(s) have the longest range? Thank you!

Court Rye
7 years ago

Hi Jimmy! I think it really varies by airline and location but there are official guides if you go to your airline’s website and search for Lithium battery restrictions. Range seems to vary depending on rider size, terrain and of course the battery size and motor size. If you have a larger motor it could use battery quicker but might also not struggle as much which makes it efficient. I tend to narrow down by motor size then consider the battery watt hours but think more about comfort and price point. The I-MAX S1+ is a solid choice if you’re considering it… The larger tires make a big difference :)

7 years ago

Thanks for such informative and detailed work provided. Just wandering can I take this scooter with me in an airplane when traveling overseas? Thanks Miguel

Court Rye
7 years ago

Great question! I haven’t tried, seems like the regulations for flying with Lithium-ion batteries are changing a lot, would be best to check with your airline first. I’d love to hear what you find!

7 years ago

FYI. Just ran the scooter flat out, full speed until the battery indicator was flashing and it slowed down a bit. I didn’t wait for it to cut out, not sure if it would. The riding was mostly flat, but with some hills thrown in. I used cruise control at the maximum speed almost the whole time. I got over 22 miles of real gps measured range. I’m 137 lbs, so your mileage may vary.

Court Rye
7 years ago

This is AWESOME feedback Jon, thank you so much for doing that and sharing :D

7 years ago

Rode this one a few days ago at my local park. Amazing ride and build quality is A+ like the 1st reviewer. I’m still shocked how quiet it is. The park is 100 feet from my house so I see and hear a lot of scooters. I wish I didn’t watch the video … now I want one. I own 2 cheaper units for my kids and thought it would be fun to have something for all 3 of us. Only bummer is they are made in China. I actually thought it was a USA made bike like the other 2 have.

Big Red
7 years ago

I’ve been riding an S1 for a few weeks now and figured I would share my initial thoughts: First off, the build quality is surprisingly high for a product made in China. Everything from the welds on the frame to the folding mechanism and braking system are all very robust and feel very nice. I am a stickler when it comes to low quality devices and I honestly can’t find many areas where corners were cut on this scooter. Battery range appears to be very good as well, I’ve done a few 15 mile rides and still had 2 bars left on the battery meter. I would guess 20 miles would be about the limit for a full discharge of the battery. Motor power is decent but not mind blowing. I’m coming from an electric skateboard background with boards making 2,000 watts of power so I knew this scooter would feel less powerful. However, the hub motor on the S1 does its job and takes me up decent hills while only losing a few miles per hour. Top speed appears to be around 20mph as indicated on the scooter which equates to about 19mph according to a GPS. By lowering the handle bars and getting into an aero tuck I was able to reach 22mph on flat ground as indicated by the scooters speedometer. The cruise control function is very handy and reduces hand strain from having to hold down the throttle for extended periods of time. Handling is also a strong suit of the scooter, the air filled tires roll over bumps and cracks with ease and the scooter feels planted in high speed corners. Finally the rear brake is very strong and will bring the scooter to a stop in a controlled and safe manner. Overall, I highly recommend the S1.

Court Rye
7 years ago

Awesome! Thank you so much for this quick summary Big Red, you hit all the major points and it was cool to hear more feedback about range and the actual speed as measured by GPS vs. what the scooter display says ;)


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