SSR Motorsports SEEV-800 Review

Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Electric Scooter Review
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 18 Inch Fat Tires Chaoyang
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Battery Box Undercarriage
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Throttle Control Panel
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Front View Fender
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Back View Reflector
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Seat Attachment
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Hydraulic Disc Brake 203 Mm
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Electric Scooter
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Closeup
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Electric Scooter Review
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 18 Inch Fat Tires Chaoyang
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Battery Box Undercarriage
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Throttle Control Panel
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Front View Fender
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Back View Reflector
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Seat Attachment
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Hydraulic Disc Brake 203 Mm
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Electric Scooter
Ssr Motorsports Seev 800 Closeup


  • A stealthy electric scooter with extra wide 9.5" tires that keep it upright almost without the kickstand... turning requires a bit more force from the arms like a motorcycle
  • Super quiet but powerful 800 watt gearless hub motor, these are known for being durable and long lasting, variable speed twist throttle is smooth and intuitive (full grip twist design)
  • Available in three color combinations but only one frame size, the bars are adjustable forward and back for a relaxed upright body position, you can stand for comfort when riding over bumps
  • Beautiful looking plastic fenders should keep you dry and clean, the battery offers good capacity but isn't removable which could make charging difficult, servicing flats or changing tires might require the help of a motorcycle shop, it's heavy

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SSR Motorsports





Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Sand and Snow, Golf Course

Electric Bike Class:

Moped or Motorcycle (Class 4)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Comprehensive


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

130 lbs (58.96 kg)

Battery Weight:

10.5 lbs (4.76 kg)

Frame Types:


Frame Material:


Frame Colors:

All Black, White with Black Fenders, White with Red Fenders

Geometry Measurements:

3.5" Ground Clearance, 20" Reach, 69" Length, 26" Seat Height

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid Steel


High Rise, Steel

Brake Details:

Hydraulic Disc with 203 mm Rotors


Flat Rubber


Custom Padded


Solid Steel

Tire Brand:

Chaoyang, 18" x 9.5" x 8"

Wheel Sizes:

18 in (45.72cm)

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Rear Reflector, Flick Bell, Side Kickstand


2 lb 2 Amp Charger

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

800 watts

Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

20 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

960 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

7 hours

Estimated Min Range:

35 miles (56 km)

Estimated Max Range:

45 miles (72 km)

Display Type:

Fixed LED Console


Charge Level (Green, Yellow, Red)

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle (Full Grip Twist)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

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Written Review

In my opinion the SEEV-800 electric scooter is one of the most affordable but cool looking electric scooters around! Lots of other mostly-plastic scooters have arrived in the US for similar or even lower prices but many times they use heavy short-lived Sealed Lead Acid battery packs. By comparison, the SEEV uses a powerful and large 48 volt 20 amp hour Lithium-ion pack that’s mounted below the standing deck (providing balance and improving the aesthetic). From the side, it almost looks like the seat is floating and there’s so much room between the seat and bars that Sam, the owner of the Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA (where I reviewed the scooter) explained that some users ride with their kids standing in front of them. That’s pretty awesome! I found myself standing sometimes for fun and to help absorb bumps with my knees vs. sitting and loved how adjustable the bars were. I believe this e-scooter would feel good to a wide range of riders, tall and short alike.

What you don’t get here is storage or lights. That’s part of what makes other competing scooters versatile and competitive with gas powered scooters but here they just aren’t used. All you get is a basic red reflector on the rear fender, there are no turn signals, nowhere to store your gear like a locking box or cubby and no hooks for purses. I feel like the SEEV-800 focuses on style and fun more than utility but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for transport to school or work, just use a backpack. The motor powering this scooter is a sturdy gearless design built right into the rear hub. At first glance you can hardly tell there’s a motor or battery at all but as demonstrated in the video, it does produce a soft electronic whir when activated. One area I feel like the whole bike falls short is with display feedback, you don’t have pedals here so if the battery runs all the way out you’ll have to get off and push but since the display is so minimal (just showing three LED dots to designate charge level) I feel like I’d constantly be ending rides soon just to avoid getting stranded. Many competing scooters and electric bikes have LCD displays with 10 bar battery indicators that deliver much more peace of mind.

The SEEV-800 was kept simple but it looks great and the packaging for the 2 Amp charger and keys is actually better than most. Other areas where it excels are with the large sturdy 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. They are easy to use and provide the necessary stopping power you’d expect from something that’s more like a car. And on that note, this thing isn’t easy to classify… It’s not a bicycle because there are no pedals and it’s not quite a street legal moped which would require a license and insurance to operate. It doesn’t have the necessary lights, signals and DOT approval to be ridden in traffic so it becomes something of a toy to be used on private property. In practice I realize most will just use it around town without issue but given the legal definition of an electric bicycle (750 watt or lower motor and pedals) this thing ends up in a sort of no-man’s land. Please be careful when riding.


  • Extremely easy to mount and stand over thanks to the low-step deck, both feet easily fit onto the deck which has grip tape all the way up for plenty of traction
  • Minimalist design is very iconic, the seat feels good and seems to support weight well even for larger riders like Sam who weighs ~260 lbs, it’s quiet to ride so people might not even realize it’s motorized
  • Available in at least two colors (black and white) but I’d probably choose white for improved visibility at night, there are no lights just a rear reflector
  • Extra large 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes with thick rotors and oversized levers more like what you’d find on an ATV or motorcycle
  • Powerful but quiet motor that’s well concealed in the rear wheel… same for the battery pack which is mounted below the deck vs. inside a box that’s tacked on somewhere, it’s stealthy
  • Adjustable handlebar is comfortable to reach… you don’t have to lean far forward or stress your back/neck, I like that it can be angled down or up depending on your torso and arm length
  • The tires are 9.5″ wide making them very stable (it almost stands up on its own) and I bet they handle soft terrain like sand and snow fairly well but was not able to test for sure (consider lowering air pressure in very soft terrain)
  • The charging port is super small, nearly hidden, located on the right side near the rear wheel axle, should be protected by the metal frame and has a cap to keep water and dust out
  • The deck is long and Sam was saying that some customers ride with a friend or kid standing on the front while they sit… you can stand or sit while operating this thing and I found that standing while going over large bumps is more comfortable
  • Because there are no gears, no chain and very few other moving parts this scooter should be very durable… the gearless motor is also known for being maintenance free and long lasting
  • The box for the charger was really nice, made a better impression than the brown generic cardboard boxes with a lot of ebikes I review, love that it comes with two keys and a nice charger with a long cord (since the battery isn’t removable from the SEEV800


  • Rides more like a motorcycle than a bicycle or scooter with narrow wheels, requires a bit of getting used to in order to push and hold the handlebars
  • Very heavy, might require a ramp or two people to load into a truck bed or trailer, not easy to take upstairs but the plastic/fiberglass fenders aren’t as tough as steel if left outside (avoid scratching or damaging)
  • The design looks cool, it almost appears like you’re floating when viewed from the side, but there’s nowhere to stow extra gear, no locking boxes or trays and nowhere to mount a bag or rack so you probably need to wear a backpack or drill into the deck and do something custom
  • The battery isn’t easily removable which means you’ll have to park the SEEV-800 near a wall outlet in order to charge and considering how large and heavy it is that could be a challenge
  • The front wheel doesn’t turn all the way to 90°, it sort of bumps against the frame around 45° so turning radius isn’t quite as tight as it could be, thankfully it’s easy to put a foot down and back it up to do a multi-point turn
  • If you get a flat tire on this scooter you might need to take it to a motorcycle shop because it requires tools and a lot of strength to get the tires off compared with a bicycle and some smaller tire designs on other scooters
  • With such a minimal display there’s less to get broken and the cost stays low but you can’t tell how fast you’re going, how far you’ve ridden or really how much battery is left… you get a basic red, yellow, green LED cluster that estimates battery charge, I do like how the ignition is built in and easy to reach and the twist throttle feels good
  • A bit too powerful to be an electric bicycle (plus no pedals) but not quite a scooter either (no lights or turn signals) so it’s officially classified as something of a toy to be use on off highway vehicle OHV trails or private property


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7 months ago

Can the SEEV-800 be ridden in the rain? How weather-proof is it?

Court Rye
7 months ago

Howdy! Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is a rain-resistant product... especially given the integrated fenders. The battery compartment appeared to be very well sealed underneath and generally speaking, direct drive motors are durable and long lasting. The display and throttle are a bit vulnerable but not any different than other scooters and ebikes I've reviewed over the years. You could probably rinse the whole thing off after rides and be fine as long as you don't spray super hard around the electronics. Most frames are engineered to drain and be weather resistant and work fine as long as you don't flip them upside down or use high pressure water or air. Here's a guide I wrote about this topic a while back really focusing on ebikes with some good photos and examples :)

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kevin clark
7 days ago

Is it just me or did the guy with the blue shirt and shorts just walk off with one of those scooters behind them when the FedEx guy pulled up? 😂😂 cheeky fucker 😂

2 weeks ago

Your a bitch 1.5k is not fucking cheap

2 weeks ago

are there any shock absorbers on the front ? somehow I don't understand how the scooter will absorb ditches, bumps etc. shed some light

Elian Barda
2 weeks ago

ממש מגניב

2 weeks ago

Nice way to make it affordable for everyone. $1600 is too damn expensive for only 20mph.

Ludo van de weyer
2 weeks ago

Copycat from the original one,the "Scrooser",a German built piece of art,only problem it is very expensive,not for what you get but for the common people it's way to high priced.All the copy's are much cheaper but also less of quality,anyway nice review!Try to take your hands on a Scrooser,can't wait for that review;)

K. quttmi
4 weeks ago

Nice video I thinking to get one it's save environment i ask if there is extra battery thanks

Brett Lorenzo
1 month ago

have you seen KUSH electric?

1 month ago

I would've liked the video but you talk too much without saying enough interesting or important information. You yap and you were yap you yap and you're annoying to listen to. The scooter is cool. Give the facts, do a test drive and do it under for five minutes because the rest of it is painful to my ears to listen to.

Jakie Mason
1 month ago

why anything associated with green energy can get so fucking expensive? ain't those really cheap to make?

1 month ago

I hate this great clunky huge nasty thing ,

Zeev Kirsh
1 month ago

they should put pegs on the sides of the frame for legs to spread out so looks more like a hog when you ride it. looks great. maybe tires that are a bit more rounded for easier turning?

The High Tech Channel
2 months ago

The Xiaomi M365 is taking the world by storm. Affordable, long range and well made.
It's available on the Banggood website,

Wane Hall
2 months ago

Nice looking machine for the price

Roman M
2 months ago

cheap? youre crazy

Tran Lily
2 months ago

So many silly ridiculously comment here, asking it's must be 500uds$ but for GOOD QUALITY BIKE, GOOD QUALITY PIN LITHUA. How can it possible?
I don't mean it must be high price or super expensive price for good quality. But at least ratio of quality & price is same same.
So if the pin is good, I think the bike is 1000$ is right price. Depend on its 1000w, 1500s or 2000s & pin quality so it's can cost to 1000-1200, 1500usd $.
(I don't speak English well)

Tran Lily
2 months ago

Im from southeast Asian. You can buy its 500usd, I mean 500uds is cheap quality, bad pin.
You want good quality but for cheap price, then after that. The quality is bad then ppl like you say "oh, it's China quality"
I'm not Chinese, ok. But to be FAIR, they can make good quality but the price is also high too, of course. But many ppl want CHEAP PRICE FOR GOOD QUALITY, how can it possible???
I don't mean it's must be expensive price, but it's at least have decent price for good quality, it's normal thing. But you can't asking 500usd for good quality.
I'm poor, not rich, but if the price is 1000-1200 or even 1500$. I would buy it if the quality is good. I want use this for to go work & daily life use needing. I'm not use this for long/far road of course.
My home to my work place around more than 7km, so it totally 15km per day, and I use this to go some place near my areas home (go out with friend for coffe or market) only.
So it's be great ideal for me

14 hours ago

Tran Lily people say "chinese quality" in murica because EVERYTHING cheap is made cheaply in china. If you look at 98%+ of stuff from stores, it says "Made In China". You wouldn't understand as an Asian, but you are right, pricy stuff from china is high quality and the Chinese companies offer some great deals for quality and functionality.

Azcension Seven
2 months ago

it does not look street legal. no headlights, brake lights (it has a reflector), turn signals, or side mirrors.

Gay Shit
2 months ago

check the price, i really want one but it its to much in the Philippines

xcale gaming
2 months ago

very cheap yup

Hippie Carlsson
2 months ago

you forget to mention that its a clone of the scrooser. scrooser is mad about all the clones and are suing resellers in europe. The most common name for this is citicoco.