Uscooters Booster Review

Uscooters Booster Electric Kick Scooter Review
Uscooters Booster
Uscooters Booster Front Suspension
Uscooters Booster Folded Top View
Uscooters Booster Display Panel Trigger Throttle Trigger Brake Regen
Uscooters Booster Backlit Lcd Display
Uscooters Booster Airless Rear Tire Plastic Wheel
Uscooters Booster Deck Size One Shoe 9 5 Mens
Uscooters Booster Folded Side View
Uscooters Booster Front Fender Folding Mechanism
Uscooters Booster Front View Headlight
Uscooters Booster Rear Fender Friction Brake
Uscooters Booster Rear Fender Integrated Led Light
Uscooters Booster Rubber Control Buttons
Uscooters Booster 3.5 Amp Charger
Uscooters Booster Electric Kick Scooter Review
Uscooters Booster
Uscooters Booster Front Suspension
Uscooters Booster Folded Top View
Uscooters Booster Display Panel Trigger Throttle Trigger Brake Regen
Uscooters Booster Backlit Lcd Display
Uscooters Booster Airless Rear Tire Plastic Wheel
Uscooters Booster Deck Size One Shoe 9 5 Mens
Uscooters Booster Folded Side View
Uscooters Booster Front Fender Folding Mechanism
Uscooters Booster Front View Headlight
Uscooters Booster Rear Fender Friction Brake
Uscooters Booster Rear Fender Integrated Led Light
Uscooters Booster Rubber Control Buttons
Uscooters Booster 3.5 Amp Charger


  • Very light weight at just ~24 lbs, integrated LED lights improve safety and convenience (I love that the headlight is mounted up high in the stem), offers regenerative braking as well as friction braking with the rear fender, cruise control saves finger muscles but activates automatically which can be confusing
  • The deck isn't especially long and you can't rest your rear foot on the back fender because it swivels up and down for braking, regenerative brakes can kick in a bit abruptly
  • Beautiful backlit display panel, available in several fun and professional colors, clean integrated wiring, light weight portable charger but the charging port can be difficult to reach when folded
  • No kickstand, difficult to fold, short wobbly handle bar can unstable and is a bit tricky to fold, front suspension offers minimal travel if at all, solid tires won't go flat but aren't as comfortable

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Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Commuting, Travel

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
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1 Year Scooter, 6 Months Battery


United States, Europe, China, Worldwide

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

24 lbs (10.88 kg)

Frame Types:


Frame Material:

Aluminum Alloy

Frame Colors:

Black, Grey, White, Fluorescent Green

Geometry Measurements:

Unfolded: 40.5" Long, 36.5" to 45" High, 14.75" Wide, 2.75" Ground Clearance, Folded: 37.5" Long, 12.5" High, 5.75" Wide

Frame Fork Details:

Mono-Suspension (Nearly Rigid)

Frame Rear Details:

Swing Arm Suspension (Spring Under Deck)

Gearing Details:

1 Single Speed


Telescoping Adjustable Height (Two Locking Pin Positions), Quick Release Clamp


Folding, Flat Aluminum Alloy 14.75" Long

Brake Details:

Front Regenerative Brake (Left Trigger Throttle Activated, Rear Skid Brake (Also Activates Regen)


Rubber, Semi-Ergonomic


Solid Alloy on Front, Plastic Fins on Back

Tire Brand:

Rising Sun, 200 x 38 mm

Wheel Sizes:

8 in (20.32cm)

Tire Details:

Airless Puncture Proof


Front and Rear Plastic Fenders, Integrated Lights (6 LED Front, 3 LED Back), Piezo Ceramic Electronic Horn


250 lb Maximum Load, 1 lb 3.5 Amp Quick Charger

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Front-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

6.75 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

243 wh

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Polymer

Charge Time:

2 hours

Estimated Min Range:

10 miles (16 km)

Estimated Max Range:

15 miles (24 km)

Display Type:

Fixed, Backlit, Monochrome LCD


Odometer, Trip Distance, Ambient Temperature, Speed, Battery Level (5 Bars), Battery Percentage, Lights (On/Off)

Display Accessories:

Horn Button, Light Button, Display Options Button, On/Off Button

Drive Mode:

Trigger Throttle

Top Speed:

18 mph (29 kph)

Written Review

In 2016 The Uscooters Booster emerged… confidently taking replacing what was formerly called the E-TWOW Booster. In short, these two scooters are very, very similar with major differences being the addition of a rear LED light on newer ETWOW models and the Uscooter along with a slightly larger battery. This is one of the lightest weight, most exciting (at least on paper), electric kick scooters I’ve covered and that’s because it’s priced well, comes in a range of fun and professional colors, offers regenerative braking as well as friction braking with the rear fender, included integrated LED Lights that run off the main battery, uses air-free tires that won’t get flat and delivers front and rear suspension to compensate for those harder tires and thus, smooth out the ride.

In reality, my lofty hopes had to be adjusted because the front suspension offers very little travel, the folding mechanism was difficult to use, the deck space was very short and that made it hard to balance (moreso because the rear fender is a brake) and the throttle and regen came on abruptly vs. smoothly. The handle bars aren’t especially long and tend to jiggle when riding which makes for an unstable ride and I really, really miss having a kickstand. One redeeming quality is that the rear suspension works quite well. I also like that they included a cruise control feature to give your hand a rest from pushing the trigger but was confused about how it worked at first… it automatically activates when you hold the throttle for more than five seconds then you have to press the brake in order to de-activate it. I’m more used to coasting to a stop and pressing a button for cruise control so this was a bit unnerving at first. I’m not into rattly, unstable rides but it might be worth trading for with the Uscooters Booster because of how light weight and durable it is. The stem slides up and down with two locking points for tall or short riders and then it’s folded down for transport, locks in nicely with a clip on the fender.

I can’t help but be impressed with the utility of this electric kick scooter. I want to like it and could easily justify buying one for a shorter commute, ideally on mostly smooth roads, but compared with some of the air-filled tire scooters out there and those with even larger diameter wheels the Booster just wasn’t as comfortable. And while I like the idea of regenerative braking, I really prefer mechanical brakes for how smoothly they operate… they’re just more predictable and that can be a huge deal when commuting in crowds or near traffic. With a top speed of roughly 18 mph it’s nice that they incorporated a horn but I dislike the loud beeping when changing menus in the display. For someone with smaller feet, good balance and a desire for light weight short-range mobility this could be a great option, especially with the lights! but I’d suggest trying and comparing it to some of the other scooters if comfort and stability are important. You could always add lights to your helmet or backpack and yes, they’d be less convenient, but if the scooter feels more stable and you’ve got more room for your feet perhaps you’ll also be riding more safely and be able to ride more defensively.


  • Large diameter 8″ wheels reduce the impact of cracks and potholes, the airless tires are tough but not as comfortable as air so it’s nice that there’s a rear suspension point (the front suspension doesn’t offer much travel)
  • I love that the Uscooters Booster electric kick scooter comes in so many colors including bright green and white for maximum visibility, the gray and black are professional
  • You get two integrated LED lights that run off of the main battery and seem solid… seamless integration in the rear fender and front stem/control box, I love that the headlight has six LED’s and that it’s mounted high vs. low so cars can see you more easily
  • This is one of the lightest electric kick scooters I’ve tested which makes it easier to lift onto busses, trains or put into cars, the bars are also narrow so it fits through tight spaces easier (but might not feel as stable at times)
  • The lock point on the rear fender (to keep the scooter folded) is very clever and feels solid, just push down on the rear fender to release it
  • This is basically the same exact scooter formerly known as the E-Twow Booster but it has the rear light built in, I like the new Uscooters name better, the old name was pronounced E-Two-W and that flustered me
  • If you use the trigger throttle on the left you slow down with regen but you can also use the rear friction brake by pushing down on the back fender for a physical stop (important if the system goes out or something), the rear brake also initiates regen automatically
  • Built in cruise control function helps to reduce finger strain, just keep the E-Twow going the same speed for five seconds and it automatically engages, brake to disengage
  • Adjustable telescoping stem has two click-in points making the scooter easy to handle for short or tall individuals, it feels pretty sturdy and locks even if you forget to tighten the quick release collar
  • Unique front-mounted hub motor vs. rear may help to reduce cable lengths and cost/weight while improving durability by not folding cables regularly, for me the front-motor didn’t impact steering but did make it front-heavy when lifting in folded position, the steering rotation is also limited to avoid stretching cables
  • The display has a few extra neat readouts including ambient temperature and battery percentage in addition to an info-graphic of a battery cell, you can hold the S and Power buttons to enter a menu and switch from mph to kph and switch lights to automatic or manual
  • Built in cruise control to reduce hand and finger fatigue… just hold the throttle constantly for five seconds to engage then use either brake (fender or left trigger) to disengage


  • The front suspension really doesn’t work, I jumped up and down on the scooter and even had Sam push down on the bars and it didn’t seem to move (he weighs ~260 lbs so I expected some movement), the rear suspension does work however and feels good
  • The handle bar isn’t especially wide and the folding action feels kind of sloppy or rattly when riding but the two locking points for the stem make the bar feel secure from a vertical perspective
  • At higher speeds the narrow handlebar and jittery grips can be a bit unnerving, it’s nice to have extra power and speed but a longer deck would also make me feel more at ease (as an adult 5’9″ individual with 9.5 shoe size)
  • To fold down the handlebar you need to push in on these two little rubberized bumps then pull out and fold which can be a little tricky at first
  • The regeneration kicks in abruptly both with the left trigger and when using the skid brake… I like that they offer a friction skid design just in case the battery is completely full and regen won’t work
  • This is not an especially easy kick scooter to fold and unfold because the lever near the front of the deck is small and you have to almost pull forward on the bars while pushing down on the lever to get it to unclick (I put my left foot in front of the tire and push forward on the bars to tip the unit forward in a reverse-wheelie then use my right foot to push down on the lever)… it’s a bit of a balancing act
  • When folded, the charging port near the base of the stem is tricky to reach because it’s facing down towards the deck, many other kick scooters have the port mounted on the side of the stem or deck, thankfully the charger is pretty fast and portable, it would be easier to charge if there were a kickstand but folding half-way sort of stabilizes the scooter
  • No kickstand on this scooter, I found myself leaning it against walls (hoping it wouldn’t fall) or just laying it down on the ground and sometimes just half-folding it but this isn’t as easy as some other scooters
  • The horn is a neat idea but it makes a very unpleasant noise for the rider, I also felt annoyed with the loud chirping sounds that fire each time you press one of the display buttons… some other tone would be nicer
  • There aren’t any built in locking systems that I could find, someone could turn on the unit or tamper with the lights while parked outside but I guess that’s the idea of bringing it in with you thanks to the compact size and light weight
  • The gearless direct drive motor does not freewheel which means that you’ll have some resistance when not powering the unit due to cogging, most electric kick scooters I’ve tested suffer from this and it’s not a huge deal


Comments (18) YouTube Comments

6 years ago

I have 2 ETWOWs, Eco and Booster (same thing). These have no rear light, which I would love. They are SUPER quiet and quick. I love regenerative braking, with plenty of power for commuting and joyriding, but it’s unsafe to have no convenient, immediate, friction brake (the rear fender is difficult to remember and activate, and not intuitive in an emergency). I’d like bigger rubber wheels with built-in shock absorption, so bumps don’t vibrate the machine to death. The Eco was $600 from in China, but had manufacturing defects, so took an extended fight with Visa and AliExpress to get a refund.

Court Rye
6 years ago

I’m with you on the braking, I prefer a smooth steady mechanical brake vs. the regen thing… especially on the rear friction fender. I think I’d prefer it be just friction. Congrats on your refund win, I haven’t bought from AliExpress but it’s amazing what you can find there. Did the shipping take long and do you feel it’s basically the same product as what E-TWOW and Uscooters are selling here? Like is it exact just not with the same paint/stickers/branding?

6 years ago

The nut holding up the front suspension unscrewed, so now it’s a nightmare finding a bike shop or anyone to fix it near DC. Even from an authorized dealer, repair would probably be a pain. Let me know if anyone knows who can fix it.

6 years ago

Court Rye, yes, both regen and mechanical with a smooth, seamless transition would be best. On the lowest price, shipping took too long, and they played games with upgrading because of “low stock”, so I cancelled. The second lowest price (with good reviews) took maybe two weeks, and was EXACTLY the same, even stickers and branding, straight from the China factories. Unfortunately, the throttle (accelerator) lever was installed in reverse, with no spring mechanism. It works great, but always in cruise control, and not as safe. The seller got very angry, and accused me of cheating and lying when I requested a partial refund. Eventually, Visa gave me a full refund.

Court Rye
6 years ago

Interesting… sounds like a bit of extra time and screwing around but glad you got your refund and haven’t had any crashes with the throttle/cruise issue. Appreciate the background :)

Jesse Harrison
6 years ago

My friends each bought a couple from aliExpress in China direct and both had nightmares. Don’t do business with them, one of them didn’t even get the Booster model he ordered and the other had no battery which is one of the most expensive items. It takes weeks to get the money back if you even get it back at all and Uscooters USA will not warranty or work on any scooters not bought from authorized dealers in the United States so your kind of on your own to go back to where you bought it. I bought mine directly of the Uscooters website and the minor problem I had was resolved by their service department right away. It’s worth it to pay a little more to know what your getting and to have support.

Court Rye
6 years ago

So sorry to hear about your friend… I’m with you on buying from dealers or “official” sources in the US. aliExpress seems neat but the time and risk often outweighs the money saved :/

6 years ago

I have tried it out yesterday, from a rental place here in Timisoara ( Romania ). I like to go to these places because I see how the scooters behave over time with heavy usage. I think the design choice of the rear suspension has some drawbacks. If you are heavier you push the back of the scooter more down and the handle bars will travel more to the back, and since the deck is not so long you might have to ride in an uncomfortable position, where your shoulders are behind your feet. I would get rid of the rear suspension and put an inflatable tire for the rear wheel. From other perspectives the ride was fun. ( even if the current consumption was limited and max speed was 19 Km/h )

Court Rye
6 years ago

Great points about how the suspension could sag and the handlebar position would change as you hit bumps… excellent feedback, thanks for chiming in Peter!

6 years ago

I bought an E-Twow last fall and it’s been absolutely essential in my life ever since. I live in the Bay Area and ride BART every day to work and the compactness and weight of the scooter makes it so nobody even notices that I have it with me, especially compared to when people bring their bikes on to packed peak hour trains and everybody is inconvenienced. I’ve put about 600 miles on it in a year and it still runs great and haven’t had any problems with it. I will probably buy a UScooter when I’m up to two years on my Etwow. Like any electric product the battery probably doesn’t hold as much of a charge as when it was brand new but that is expected like any other battery powered product. Overall I’m very happy with the Etwow/UScooter and recommend it to anybody that asks me about it. A lot of people have asked me about it over the last year, and I see others with e-scooters on trains and near where I work in downtown Oakland. I think e-scooters will become a big market over the next decade. Exciting times in electric mobility.

Court Rye
6 years ago

Thanks for the testimonial Paul! I used to ride BART to work in SF when I lived there and would have loved something like this. Hope it continues working for you for many years or that you find a worthy replacement when you decide to switch :)

6 years ago

I purchased an S2 master version of the E-Twow from an Australian dealer about a month ago. I had my motorcycle stolen a few months back and looked into all the alternatives forms of transport for my 6km round trip commute to work each day.

Having already owned a foot scooter, I tried that for a few weeks until I ripped a heel off my brand new shoes one day. That was the end of that adventure, so started investigating electric scooters. Without doing too much home work I purchased the Veetron from their website. Sounds too good to be true for $400 bucks and that’s exactly what is was. Fortunately I was able to get my money back from Paypal.

This time around I did my homework and finally settled on the E-Twow as having the features I wanted but at a pretty reasonable price. Unboxing I found the scoot to be remarkably well put together. It feels solid and not likely to break with my 100kg frame plonked on it.

The laws surround personal transport devices vary wildly here in Australia. Some states ban motorised scooters completely, others are allowed up to certain limits. Here in Victoria, a scooter would be classified as a motor vehicle if able to travel faster than 10km/h or with motor output greater than 200 watts. My scooter has a sticker on the front upright stating its limits as exactly that, so gives me a degree of comfort in case anyone ever questions it. I ride on the footpath but am sensible enough to know where to push it and where not to. The stealth looks of the scooter let you get away with most thinking it’s a normal pushy. I do actually find myself pushing off when I start, an unnecessary habit but does help maintain the charade I guess.

So far I haven’t had any policeman stop to question me, although I did have a couple of bicycle cops pull up along side of me a few weeks back. They just smiled in amusement looking at some bloke in a business suit standing on a kids toy !

Now the pros and cons of what I think.


  • regen braking is great for battery life. My commute home is pretty much all downhill, so I tend just to sit on the brake and pick up 20% battery on the way.
  • light weight means I fold it up at the office and walk it to my desk balance on the front wheel. Got the hang of how to do it, so no longer carry the thing.
  • controls are very easy to master. Don’t even need to think about once you’ve been out a few times.
  • it is a hoot. I cannot believe how much fun this is to ride. I’m equally as amused by the looks I get, as to the enjoyment of riding itself.
  • simple charging mechanism.
  • price is good in comparison to many other less featured scooters.


  • the horn sound is horrible. More likely to scare pedestrians than to make them aware of you.
  • handlebars are not completely sturdy. I wish they didn’t move quite so much. Not like they’re going to fall off or anything, but a little unnerving nonetheless
  • keep forgetting about the rear friction brake. Don’t expect the regen brake to stop you in a big hurry.
  • is a little noisy on rough or uneven surfaces.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I don’t care one bit if I look like a idiot. I’m having too much fun !!

Court Rye
6 years ago

I enjoyed reading your thoughts Billy, thanks!

Tom L
6 years ago

I have one and quite like it – I agree with the review above.

My main issue is this statement on their website which is completely false: “capable for up to 25 degree inclines”.

This scooter is not even close to being able to handle that. The hill in front of my house has a 16% grade which I believe is about a 10 degree incline, and the scooter dies well before hill even gets going. I would love to see some video evidence that this scooter has ever handled a 20 degree incline. I can take mine to any hill in San Francisco and demonstrate that it can’t…

6 years ago

I have the model before this, without the red rear light (I wish mine had the rear light as it’s needed by law in Australia at night) and It’s fantastic. A version 2.0 that is a little lighter and a little longer will be my next model if they make one.

The E-Twow does have firm Front suspension but can be seen here at 14:43 and even more so at 14:45 when he rides over the metal triangle water cover.

Playback speed at 25% shows it very well. The rear suspension works well over gutters. It rides stable especially when you have had a few kilometres on it. The folding lever takes a while to get used to operating and I would not like to have to operate it without shoes as it could be painful but at least it won’t fold while riding it.

When new the tyres were a little slippery if turning at speed but they have gotten better with age. ~2 hours from flat to full charge. So good I brought 2, both black as the white tended to look grubby often and I’m not into cleaning it, basically it’s use and abuse, charge then repeat.

Court Rye
6 years ago

Cool! Thanks for the link and timestamps! Appreciate your feedback about laws in Australia regarding lights and it’s neat to hear your real-world use experience :)

3 years ago

I purchased the 8.7ah version of this uScooter and was very happy with it in the beginning. The only thing I did not like was a nasty suspension sound coming from the back shock area when I would hit a small bump at high speed, like going over railroad tracks. Other than that, it worked well for my everyday commute to and from the train. However after just 170 miles and 9 months the batteries failed. The company took over 2 months just to tell me the batteries are only warranted for 6 months and it would cost me $200 for a replacement. The batteries are cheap Chinese cells that are prone to failure and this company does not warranty them for long for that very reason. I can not recommend doing business with these guys as their customer support is horrible and I am now out of my primary mode of commuting for 3 months getting this thing fixed. I was able to find a replacement battery off of eBay guaranteed for 2 years for $120 with a new BMS and charger (upgrading to a 10ah battery)


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