Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Review

Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Scooter Review
Works Electric Hollyburn P5
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Belt Drive
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Deck
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Front Lights Off
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Rear
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Profile Left
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Bright As Day Lights
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Throttle
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Headset Assembly Side
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Headset Assembly
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Scooter Review
Works Electric Hollyburn P5
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Belt Drive
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Deck
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Front Lights Off
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Rear
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Profile Left
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Bright As Day Lights
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Throttle
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Headset Assembly Side
Works Electric Hollyburn P5 Headset Assembly


  • A powerful hand-build electric scooter with standing or seating option, integrated front and rear LED lights, wide deck and plush tires provide stability and comfort on varied terrain
  • Aluminum frame with integrated Steel inlays offers a relatively lightweight yet incredibly durable chassis that can withstand some serious punishment, folding design saves space
  • Gearless 4,400 watt hub motor drives the Hollyburn P5 up to 37 MPH and offers regenerative braking, the massive battery pack provides up to 28 miles per charge
  • Priced at $6,300 this is an expensive machine but provides incredible utility and is built to last, limited display readouts, only one size and motor/battery spec but two color choices

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Works Electric


Hollyburn P5



Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Trail, Sand and Snow

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 4), Moped or Motorcycle (Class 4)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Battery and Drive Unit, 1 Year Material and Workmanship


United States, Canada, Worldwide

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

86 lbs (39 kg)

Battery Weight:

16 lbs (7.25 kg)

Frame Types:

Step-Thru, Folding

Frame Material:

Aluminum and Cold Rolled Steel

Frame Colors:

Matte Black, Burnt Orange

Geometry Measurements:

Unfolded: 15" Deck Width, 53" Length, 46" Height, Folded: 15" Deck Width, 53" Length, 20" Height

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid Aluminum Alloy

Attachment Points:

Bottle Cage Bosses, Rear Rack Bosses, Phone Clip

Gearing Details:

1 Single Speed


Z-Stack 3 Front End


Flat, Aluminum Alloy

Brake Details:

Tektro Dorado Dual Piston Hydraulic with 180 mm Rotor and Regenerative Interlock, ABS


Flat Rubber, Half Twist on Right


Respiro, Extra Wide

Seat Post:

Optional Two-Piece, Bolt-On, Adjustable Height


Solid, 6" x 4.5"

Tire Brand:

Kenda Scorpion, 15" x 6" for Street, 14" x 6" for Knobby

Wheel Sizes:

14 in (35.56cm)15 in (38.1cm)

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Optional Seat Attachment with Saddle V2 ($350), Optional Pannier Rack V2 ($125), Optional Ortlieb Panniers - Pair ($160), Optional Fast Charger ($295), Optional Rain Fender ($39), Choose Street Tires or Knobby Tires at Time of Purchase (Replacements $39 Each)


Replaceable Deck Mounted Battery Pack, Max Load 280 lbs

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

2400 watts

Motor Peak Output:

4590 watts (Controller Limited to 4,400)

Motor Brand:


Battery Voltage:

48.1 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

25.1 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

1351.61 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

7 hours (~2 Hours with Fast Charger)

Estimated Min Range:

18 miles (29 km)

Estimated Max Range:

28 miles (45 km)

Display Type:

Fixed LED Battery Level Console


Charge Level (Green, Yellow, Red)

Display Accessories:

Lights On/Off Toggle Switch

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle

Top Speed:

37 mph (60 kph) (Lower Speed Option at Time of Order)

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Written Review

Works Electric is an American company based in Portland, Oregon, that focuses on high-end, powersport electric scooters. The owner, Brad Baker, hand makes each vehicle with American-made parts, putting his skills as a mechanical engineer, machinist and master TIG welder to good use. There are three different versions of Works Electric’s scooters, which are called Rovers: The BR2, Hollyburn P3 and Hollyburn P5, which boasts a ridiculously powerful 4,400 watt ZM2-R electric hub motor that drives the machine to a top speed of 37 mph and a Lithium-ion battery pack that offers a max range of 28 miles. But, perhaps even more impressive is the Hollyburn P5’s overall design. The Crusher Five-Point chassis armor gives the Hollyburn P5 full protection from rocks and debris, meaning this electric vehicle can power through off-road trails just as well as it can carve up the pavement. And, when you’re ordering the bike, they offer slicks or knobby tires and can customize the top speed if you prefer to go a little slower. With IP66 weatherproofing, neither rain nor snow will keep you from riding.

I’ve put nearly a 1,000 miles on my Hollyburn P5 and have tortured the machine to the point of absurdity — I’ve torn through backwoods trails, jumped over berms, rammed into rocks and even wrecked a handful of times — with no ill effect other than a few “racing stripes.” But even when tackling the most technical terrain, the Hollyburn P5 offers a surprisingly comfortable ride thanks to its extra-wide 15-inch deck and massive 14-inch pneumatic tires. Kicking up dirt is a blast, but taking to the streets is just as exhilarating — I absolutely love cruising next to cars at nearly 40 mph and seeing baffled faces staring back at me. Hill climbs are a breeze too. I weigh 200 pounds and always carry about 20 pounds of camera gear with me, but even with all that weight the Hollyburn P5 effortlessly flies up hills and only bogs down at the steepest of inclines. I’ve been using the knobby tires, which are great for off-road but are a little noisy on the streets (I haven’t used the street tires, but I suspect they’re much quieter), and after almost 1,000 miles the rear tire is close to needing replacement (which will cost ~$39). However, aside from normal tire wear everything is still in perfect working order.

The Hollyburn P5 comes in two colors — black and burnt orange — and is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum with stainless-steel structural inlays in high-load locations, giving the machine a curb weight of 86 pounds and a carrying capacity of 280 pounds. I’ve been rocking the belt drive, but a chain drive option exists as well for riders who really want to push this machine to its limits. The belt drive is pretty much hassle-free and made with Kevlar reinforcement for strenght, it’s clean and quiet compared to the chain. On the right grip is a twist throttle that unleashes 4,400 watts of power on command and a brake lever that activates the regenerative braking upon light press; heavy depression activates the front 180 mm disc brake. The regenerative braking is unexpectedly strong and can be used as the primary braking mechanism in all but the most extreme braking situations. But the trade-off here is, it can sometimes feel like gentle braking isn’t as much of an option, braking is not as progressive at the low end. On the stem, which is crafted from cold-rolled steel for maximum durability, is the key ignition and knob to toggle the front and rear LED running lights. These light lights are really cool, and look sturdy, but I didn’t feel that they offered enough brightness to fully illuminate my rides… so I mounted some additional lights on the handlebar. At the bottom of the stem is the chunky headset assembly, where two pairs of screws and pins keep the downtube locked in place during even the most aggressive off-road adventures. Towards the rear of the deck rests the fastening point for a seat post and at the very back there’s a spot to attach a pannier rack for those particularly long rides where you need extra storage.

Driving the Hollyburn P5 these past couple of months has been nothing short of a blast. I’ve been using this machine as my primary mode of transportation for any trip within a 15-mile radius of me, and have made it a point to search out any and every trail that connects to the main streets. After all, if you’re not having fun, what’s the point of owning one of these? You’re certainly paying for it. The riding style for the Hollyburn P5 reminds me a lot of dirt bikes, except with far less handlebar movement. It’s much more of a whole-body experience as opposed to just torquing on the handlebars to change direction – you really have to lean into turns, like on a snowboard or skateboard. Even after nearly 1,000 miles, the acceleration still sometimes shocks me when I twist the throttle. Note, full acceleration from stop will probably drain the battery faster and since the throttle is hot once the scooter is turned on, you want to be careful not to bump it accidentally because it will take off and at ~86 lbs, it’s a substantial scooter. The machine picks up speed with a quickness and hits 37 mph much faster than I expected. One of my favorite things about the Hollyburn P5 though isn’t the speed (though that is a pretty epic feature) but how powerfully it brakes. The massive front disc brake gives me the confidence to actually utilize all of the Hollyburn P5’s power, whereas I’m far more cautious with some other electric vehicles that only have regenerative braking.

All in all I’m still impressed with this vehicle every time I hop on it, honestly I love this thing! It’s fun, quick and practical and I ride it pretty much at least once a day. There’s not much I’d change about the Hollyburn P5, though I would like to see a few additional features in the next model – a powerful, integrated headlight that actually illuminates your path; a brake signal; turn signals and a heads-up display that shows current speed, an odometer and a tripomoter. I feel like this is a great vehicle for anyone who is looking for a serious alternative to driving, or just wants to have fun tearing up some trails… but it is technically an “off road vehicle” depending on where you live. That may put some restrictions on where restrictions on where you can ride. Another consideration here is that if you do get some racing stripe scratches, the steel portions of the scooter may rust a bit over time. I think the Hollyburn P5 is really the only electric scooter of its kind, and if you’re looking for the fastest, most powerful, standup electric vehicle to get you around, this is definitely it. This thing would be a blast at Burning Man! Last thing I’ll say is if you have can, grab the fast charger – Works Electric says it takes about two and a half hours to charge, but it actually charges close to full capacity in one and a half hours. I’d like to thank Works Electric for partnering with me on this review and providing a demo unit.


  • The 4400 watt motor is ridiculously powerful and will rocket you up even the steepest of hills without even breaking a sweat
  • The options of belt drive vs. chain drive and knobby tires vs. street tires means there’s a version for everyone
  • The durability is incredible and after 1,000 miles of abuse there’s still nothing broken
  • A max speed of 37 m.p.h. means you can fly down trails and streets alike
  • A max distance of 28 miles means there’s few places you can’t drive the Hollyburn P5 to
  • The hydraulic front disc brake has some serious stopping power
  • It looks awesome
  • Works Electric customer service is personable and efficient


  • No speedometer, odometer or tripometer
  • Running lights aren’t powerful enough to really see at night
  • Only one option when it comes to motor and battery size
  • Expensive


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RIPPER vlogs Yorkshire
3 weeks ago

This guy paid $6.3 for a scooter 😂😂

orlando lopez
3 weeks ago

Needs fenders

Mark Hail
3 weeks ago

Seth macfarlane?

Corey Barnes
1 month ago

Perfect for doing food delivery jobs around the city and can store in my apartment. Now i need to set up a go fund me page because i know this is going to be a pretty penny.

Dennis Dowd
2 months ago

If they were smart they would offer that light system, especially at that price. 👍🤔

George Colón
2 months ago

$6.3k $$$$$$$$$ .... Naaaah Dude !! ... I don't think your little scooter or any scooter is worth 6.3k .. No way Jose !!

Toad Bro
2 months ago

The stationary camera doesn't work. At all. And how many man hours went into that folding mechanism...and you didn't even fold it? Nothing in-depth or technical in this "review". Nothing we couldn't already find on Works Electric's website. Adding turn signals and brake lights is probably a terrible idea. Much disappoint.

4 months ago

Where do I purchase 1 of these

Chuck Koehler
4 months ago

40 mph Luna Cycles Apocalypse Scooter is something I'm looking at for $2,000

Mark Job
4 months ago

@ $6,300.00 USD one does expect *MORE !* For this price, there should be *All the proper lighting accoutrements, including headlight with hi-low beam, turn signals, rear light with stop light, horn, full information integrated display, optional seat should also be included.*

1 month ago

I totally agree. The fact that you have to pay MORE MONEY for "upgraded" lights and then it doesn't even have a display of any kind just adds insult to our wallet's injury.

2 months ago

Mark Job 💯💯💯 agreed!!! If a car can have all of that for much less there is no reason this can't 🤔

4 months ago

WHAT for 6k+ there's no suspension 😲

5 months ago

Hi I´m looking to buy several scooters or segways for a tour operator located in Quito Ecuador, this is a city full of hills, so as for elder people I find s segway would be the solution since Quito Oldtown is actually a pedestrian only zone, is the any reccomendation on which segway would be suitable for uphills (45° )down hills on pavement and coblestone roads?
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Cyress Javid
5 months ago

Where can I buy these bright as day 5000 lights with batteries?

Big Dawg Status
5 months ago

theres a maker that makes the same shit but it cost 3,500 and goes (((((((75mph))))))) With worldwide shipping..fuck buying USA scooters , there robbing everyone with (LOW SPEED FOR HIGH PRICE)💯🤬

Benhur Apilado
5 months ago


Simon Sez
5 months ago

Kis Turul
6 months ago

Very good review. I agree with you concerning the improvement. I hope works electrics will follow.

Aerobie Pro Dog
6 months ago

Lets face it, that thing is made for fat speed junkies who are too lazy to run so in other words, for most, it’s not going to give more than a 20mile range.

You’re dammed if you run out of battery 20 miles out and have to carry an extra 50kg of P5!! Need one of those helicopter SOS wrist watches chucked into the package - along with some kind of dynamo / solar additional emergency charging device.

7 months ago

drooling.....dawg I want that Hollyburn P5 so bad.

8 months ago

all of your issues with lights and baggage will certainly drain the battery down to less the range/top speed... just sayin.
great review though!